Learning Plans

Adults who are not regular internet users will be referred by partner community programs and agencies to local public access computer labs where Learner Web will help adult learners to acquire digital literacy skills, learn about options for accessing the internet in their homes and communities, and get information about and orientation to local career pathways programs.

Adult learners follow "Learning Plans" customized to their location, language, needs and experience. Trained on-site tutors will be available in the computer labs to assist the adult learners with using the computers and following the Learning Plans. Individually customized Learning Plans, blended-with live tutoring, is a hallmark of the Learner Web's approach to supporting adult learning.

The Minnesota Literacy Council, a well-experienced developer of Learning Plans, will lead the development of Digital Literacy, Broadband Consumer Education, and Orientation to Career Pathways Learning Plans for the adult learners. ProLiteracy Worldwide, an organization with extensive experience in adult tutoring and professional development, will develop Learning Plans for tutors assisting the adult learners.

At all partner sites, the adults who come to us will have the benefit of working one-on-one with a volunteer tutor who has been trained through our learning plans on how to encourage meaningful, sustained engagement with computers, the Internet, and other digital media.